April 20, 2016

Dew Point


Johnston Engineering has had the privilege to work with Dew Point.

Dew Point provides a cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly solution to the world’s growing water shortage.

Dew Point takes pride in being innovators. Over the past year Dew Point has been reengineering residential and commercial Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) products.

Soon they will be launching the benchmark of AWG technology.

Their Water Tower Series which include their T40 (40 litre) and Countertop T20 (20 litre) units are going into mass production as of Sep 2016. They are very efficient, low maintenance and of the highest quality – producing pure, clean and chemical free water.

Johnston Engineering provided the services for systems engineering, plumbing and HVAC system design.  Johnston Engineering also played the role of overseeing technical team coordination.




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