August 5, 2016

13 Coins Restaurant

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13 Coins

13 Coins is a timeless Seattle institution where generations have settled in for an unforgettable experience since 1967. Famed for its high backed booths, swiveling captain’s chairs and an exhibition kitchen known for lively, counter-side exchanges, 13 Coins has been host to countless first dates and proposals, family and company gatherings, celebrity sightings, and many late (or “early!”) nights on the town with friends.

Delicious food lining a dazzling 24-hour menu, engaging line chefs who banter playfully, and friendly, professional servers keep you coming back time and again.

Johnston Engineering had the privilege to work with this great restaurant in taking responsibility for designing the concrete form of the radial stair using 3D CAD modeling & full drawing package. Johnston Engineering also provided pick point structural analysis for this venue.






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