Engineering Services

Engineering Design Services

  • Product development engineering from concept to manufacturing. 
  • Prototype design, rapid prototyping, 3D printing
  • Engineering design, part design, assembly design, system design, machine design, 3D CAD modeling, fabrication drawings
  • Design for manufacturing 
  • Design of machined, welded, brazed, bonded, fastened, extruded, sheet metal and injection molded components
  • Heat transfer design including cold plate design, heat exchanger design, manufacturing station design
  • Coordination with electrical engineering for printed circuit board design, cable design, human-machine interfaces and complete electro-mechanical systems
More info: Prototype Design
Engineered Systems Fabrication and Testing

Engineered Systems Fabrication and Testing

  • Machined, sheet metal, welded, injection molded part procurement and inspection.
  • Subsystem and component assembly

  • Part, assembly, and system acceptance and characterization testing

  • Design of test fixtures for simple and quick manufacturing tests or high-precision / high-value instruments.  We have designed test fixtures capable of repeatedly measuring to 0.0002 inches.  

Mechanical Engineering Analysis Services

  • Structural analysis, stress analysis, structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 
  • Thermal analysis, thermal FEA, Conduction analysis, convection analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),  Fluid flow and pressure drop modeling 
  • Thermal performance modeling, system modeling
  • Electronics cooling and thermal management. Single phase cold plate design, Two-phase cold plate design,  heat exchanger design,
More Info: Engineering Analysis
project management

Project Management and Project Engineering

  • Project management and coordination of technical team including mechanical and electrical engineers, drafters and technicians. 
  • Project schedule and budget implementation and maintenance.   Proper project management ensures projects are completed on time and on budget. 

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