Washington State Cannabis Oil Extraction Systems and Facility Design

Mechanical Engineering

 Washington State Law requires marijuana oil extraction systems and facilities comply with strict codes, and fire safety regulations.

A Washington State Licensed Professional Engineer is required to submit the following stamped and signed documents to the building and fire departments:

  • Facility design plans meeting all applicable codes
  • Building analysis report certifying the building design meets all applicable codes
Facility Design Services
Extraction labs using LP gas or ethanol are Hazardous Material Control Areas and must be designed to comply with the International Building Code, Internal Fire Code, International Mechanical Code, National Electric Code, and multiple NFPA standards.  Extraction labs using CO2 must be designed to comply with the above codes and ensure adequate life safety features to prevent CO2 asphyxiation.
We provide the following:
  • Facility designs for Butane, Propane and CO2 extraction systems, ethanol rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens
  • Exhaust systems and make up-air
  • Hazardous flammable materials exhaust systems
  • Stamped facility design plans
  • Stamped building analysis reports
Applicable Qualifications
  • Licensed Washington State PE
  • Designed 6 operating butane, propane, ethanol and CO2 extraction facilities in Spokane WA and currently working on the 7th in Kennewick WA.

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