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Andy Johnston, P.E. is the principal mechanical engineer of Johnston Engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Washington with over 17 years of product development and mechanical engineering design and analysis expertise

He has designed products for a wide range of industries including biotechnology, energy storage, renewable energy, consumer products, military and aerospace electronics cooling, nuclear, sports equipment and food handling equipment. 

He offers mechanical design services combined with engineering analysis to ensure products are strong enough and work the first time without time consuming and expensive prototype iterations. Andy is a subject matter expert in the analysis, design, and test of single and two-phase thermal management systems including, cold plates, heat exchangers, fluid conveyance and HVAC.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Gonzaga University and a Washington State Professional Engineer license and is an Adjunct Instructor of Mechanical Engineering at Gonzaga University

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The Product Development Cycle And Our Value Proposition

Minimizing prototype iterations save time and money.  Using analytical simulation software ensures the best, fastest and cheapest product development cycles.

  • We are the only regional product development company offering integrated design & mechanical analysis. We simulate how a product performs before it is ever manufactured.  This means products: 
    • Work the first time
    • Are developed faster
    • Are developed for a lower cost
  • We offer aerospace-quality design and analysis services 
  • We are price competitive and match the market price on component design services

 Simply put: We offer the best services at a competitive price

Learn more about how we can help you. Our president was interviewed on Spokane Business Talks.

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