Washington State Cannabis Oil Extraction Systems and Facility Design

Mechanical Engineering

Washington State Law requires marijuana oil extraction systems and facilities comply with strict codes, and fire safety regulations.

A Washington State Licensed Professional Engineer is required to submit the following stamped and signed documents to the building and fire departments:

  • Extraction system report verifying extraction system design meets all applicable codes
  • Facility design plans meeting all applicable codes
  • Building analysis report certifying the building design meets all applicable codes
Facility Design Services
  • Butane and CO2 extraction systems, rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens
  • Exhaust systems and make up-air
  • Hazardous flammable materials exhaust systems
  • Stamped facility design plans
  • Stamped building analysis reports
Systems Design Services
  • Stamped extraction system reports
  • Structural, pressure, fluid flow, and thermal analysis
  • Code compliance review
  • Fluid and materials compatibility
  • Process safety and hazard analysis
Applicable Qualifications
  • Licensed Washington State PE
  • Designed multiple butane and CO2 extraction facilities

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